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Birel ART Junior Team announces that its OKJ’s driver Lorenzo Ressico D’Aloisio has given up his CIK FIA World Championship racing week end at Alaharma (F). The italian driver was involved in a severe crash during the free practice sessions which has caused a new strong pain on his ribs. Ressico has already suffered a lot of ribs problems along the season so far and this new injury has forced him to stop the activity this week end too. Birel ART Junior is very sad about that and wishes a quick recovery to its talented driver.

Giorgio Pantano: “We are very sorry for Lorenzo. He has been training a lot for this important race and to be here again with the same problem already suffered is really disappointing. This track is very tough and there have been so far too much big accidents so it’s time to check out better the drivers’ behavior on track. Ressico, fortunately, needs now just a good rest to be back as strong as before. Get well soon Lore!!”