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A very stormy weather has affected the final round of the WSK Final at Adria Karting Raceway. The whole Birel ART Junior line up (8 drivers) has to struggle with the very slippery conditions of the italian track missing the results they could have been deserved. In the Mini 60 the Pantano’s crew was pretty crowded with 6 young drivers on the entry list.


The two newcomers from Holland, Terlow and Kheener, putted a lot of effort to build up their pace on such a very competitive series and they got a great experience. Filaferro, Frassineti, Amendola and Tsolov were all of them very quick during the qualifying but not able to keep a constant pace during the heats and even more during the Pre Finals.


Unluckly none of them got the Final access. In the OKJ category Camara and Ressico D’Aloisio were not lucky during the qualy sesssion because the weather conditions changed during the sessions and they were not been able to set their best lap with the best ones.


Starting often from the back of the grid during the heats they both managed some great comebacks achieving a final 9th spot for the brazilian and 15th for the italian.


This has been the last race of the season and now Birel ART Junior looks forward the new one which will start end of January 2019.